November 12, 2005

Essaouira Now

Essaouira has been undergoing, for quite a few years, fundamental change. It has been growing up like any other city in the world with all the side effects that growth carries with it. It's no more the small quiet city of the old days that one could visit in half an hour at a bicycle ride. Cars and bicycles are no more allowed within the walls of the medina the streets of which are permanently crowded.


Nina louVe said...

ça donne envie de faire les quelques 600km. Vous me donnez envie de visiter Essaouira, on sent que vous l'aimez, cher Rêveur.

Dreamer said...

Oui Nina, Je l'aime à la folie. Je crois que vous allez l'aimer vous aussi. Elle est adorable.Il ya un dicton marocain qui dit " Vaux mieux tomber amoureux d'une pierre que d'une montagne, car la pierre on peut la porter là ou on va, mais pas la montagne" Amitiés