June 24, 2007

Help Me Understand

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I’m not a son of yours and yet,
You’re mine and your enemy is mine
I celebrate your victories
And share your aches
I attend your mourning
Though you’ve never been a mother to me
Your blood runs into my veins
As my blood would run for you
Your kids are all my brothers
Despite being another mother’s
Today I wake up to find myself at a loss
Unable to tell a brother from an enemy
Or a cousin from a son, do help me
Your sons are fighting over your injuries
Each claiming a drop of your tears
An enemy in a brother’s gown
And a child turned into a traitor
Tell me what to call your enemy?
And how to recognise a friend in the crowd
While your kids fight over your injuries
And over milk from your breast
They‘re fighting over your grief
They used to die to give you a breath of life
Now they die to accelerate your death
Each claiming a piece of your torn body
Do help me understand, I am at a loss
Not knowing where to stand
Am I to fight your enemy or
Shall I defend you against your own children?
Who are killing one another in your name?
Do help me

Dedicated to the injured P A L E S T I N E


hchicha said...

Salam alikoum! Bravo pour le blog ... gardez e en vie, yerhem e cheikh !

Bonne continuation.

Anonymous said...

Help Me

God has spoken
to every heart.
the fertile ground.


jacksta said...

And in this
You have named me enemy
But none know you
Foreign in your own lands

The Lighting saw you
Wandering soul

You sift through these days
Each sun rises pale or glaring
Merges into each other

Tala tala
The wolf dog
Obsidian mirror back to back
The twin vision

sees, roams
and is there now

Between the villages
Accompanying you

A mirror, self
The sacred bundle
Your simple passage

The end of the road leads
To your quite door

Black horsetail
Crystals from the ant heap
Rue, pine seed

Shake my stone in the quite breeze
You have named me enemy of the camp

And this is Thunder that has spoken

Badthing1 said...

Violence is not the way to solve any type of problem. We must sit down and talk and then nobody cries because nobody dies.