April 03, 2006


They don't call it Mogador any more, though some prefer this old name. May be because it sounds more exotic, or perhaps it's no more than a question of nostalgy linking them to the location and to its glorious hisory.However; Essaouira is the same, with its real and substancial side, involving bitterness and suffering, but also with its romantic and mystic aspect that, in the meantime, lies behind all its aches. For further information, enquire these seagulls, which, in the old days would never get far away from the sea shore where sardines and shellfish were abundant, while at present we see them nest and lay their eggs on the roofs of administrative buildings and houses.

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.h.a.i.d.r.i.n. said...

hey man, i couldnt understand most of your posting due to my own ignorance of not able to speak other than english and Malay. hehe.. anyway, morocco is the one place that i would LOVE to go to. cheers. I'll add you as part of my links, but unfortunately, I dont have any fancy links like yours. show me how?