May 24, 2009

A Big Smile from You

A big smile from you
and I’m the one who will stay up tonight
so, remember me
when the rain pours down,
before the white snow dresses up
The color of the garden grass
with another costume
then listen to me,
before the face of the sun
gets dry and the wave water
gets wet out of boredom
before the palm trees stand in a line
behind the sea mussels
Another look from me
and the moon is your side
so, compose your verses
on the page of my chest
then watch me from the summit of another hill
and Sprinkle the dust of my Warm ashes
In front of your eternal wind
as I’m right here right now
at the disposal of your inspiration
so, make me sing you another song
a kiss from me and joy from you
but I don’t know if it will last
for how many other hours
Hug me to the warmth of your breast
and take me as I’m yours
for so many other times
Since the creation of poetry and prose
express me among words the way you wish
a caller may all of a sudden summon me
At this moment or at any other time
and you may not find me
in the heart, where I used to be
before I decide to leave for another trip


Anonymous said...

There is a place to stand
where you can see so many lights
you forget you are one of them.

by Naomi Shihab Nye

Dreamer said...

Thank you, Edita

Nina louVe said...

la nina dont tu as traduit les poésies est maintenant tout près du maroc

suis dans le sud de la france et compte aller vous visiter vers septembre

hâte de pratiquer mon arabe, suis un brin rouillée

bises poétiques

Dreamer said...

Bonne nouvelle, ce serai un grand plaisir pour moi. Bienvenue au Maroc. J'aimerais bien pouvoir te voir. Fais moi signe.

Nina louVe said...


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