June 24, 2007


The charming Sabrina was weaving words
While we listened to the stories she told
She was skilled at making the alphabet sing
And was able to make rimes think
Poetry was obedient to her symphony
between her fine lips languages made harmony
To each other they listened to make one
She had a heart with room for us all
The lover, the charmed and the silent
The reader, the friend and the son’s call
Sensitive to the painful and the happy
A caring and present sweet angel
Of whose magic one would never have enough
She’s the candle that burns to light us the way
To spread words of love and joy
A struggling lady of a unique kind
With noble principles and a sense of duty
Proud strong red skin with a free mind
She belongs into the realm
Of the wolf in the cold jungle
Where human nature has a mirror
The charming Sabrina, the source
Of inspiration, the essence of admiration
We all love you Sabrina

Dedicated to a sweet human being called : S A B R I N A


Titif said...

De douleur modelée
De souffrance forgée
De force armée
De sensibilité envelopée
D'amour tu nous as inspirés

dreamer said...

Merci ,titif.Je sais très bien quelle place tu occupes dans son univers et vis versa, cette perle rare.

Dois-je dire félicitations, pour ce que tu as l'air d'entreprendre?Quoi qu'il en soit,bonne croisière!Que le chemin soit pavé de bonheur pour toi.

Titif said...

Merci dreamer.
Pour les félicitations, pas encore :)