February 13, 2007


It was Monday February 12th 2007 at 10:38 am. It was unusually foggy. I was in my office sitting at my desk with three colleagues who were busy working, while I was taking a brief pause after I had worked without rest since 8 o’clock. I had my arms on the armchair. Suddenly I felt the armchair moving to the right then to the left. I couldn’t believe it. At the same time my attention was drawn to the metal cupboard to my left as it produced a cracking sound as if someone was shaking it. I wondered if it was an earthquake but wasn’t sure, so I didn’t dare talking about it to my colleagues until I saw two ladies running out of the next door office and yelling to us “get out it’s an earthquake!!” None of us moved and it seemed as if that were none of our business!

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