January 11, 2009

Agression On Gaza

Israel is acting in Gaza in the same way as it has always acted in its criminal wars against the Palestinians, using internationally banned phosphorus bombs and enriched uranium munitions against innocent civilians. Killing more women and children than resistance men and that’s neither a coincidence nor a miscalculation. It’s rather a strategy. They take advantage of the nature of the conflict to use extreme and unnecessary force meaning to spread terror and attempting to hush the voice of the legitimate resistance of the different Palestinian factions against occupation by the Zionist government of Israel.
This strategy has proved through history to be fruitless and the Palestinian resistance got stronger and more radical. Hamas and Aljihad, for instance, are but the inevitable result of the Israeli barbaric aggressions against the Palestinians.
The aggression on Gaza is another opportunity for the Palestinian resistance to improve its capacity to fight the aggressor and another proof that No peace is possible with such a mentality.

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